Add Business Process Management to your operations

BPM is a business solution approach which views a business as a set of processes or workflows. BPM Software (BPMS) is software which enables businesses to model, implement, execute, monitor and optimize their processes.


Core Concept – the Workflow

In BPM, solutions are based on a workflow or set of workflows. The concept is that work in a real-time business environment should not be static, rather it should progress through a series of steps (‘a process’) in time.

Basing a solution on sequential activities is effective in encouraging teams to reach completion of goals within a set period. The process platform encourages progression through tasks by sending the participants reminders and indications of their completion status and due date. Because of this, teams who use these solutions tend to perform faster and accomplish goals more consistently.

Example of BPM in Change management.

How an RFI gets converted to a VO.

AutoPRO™ workflows automatically create these documents upon succesfull approval of the preceding document. For instance, you directly cannot create a VO if the RFI is not raised and approved by the user which justifies the reason for the VO.

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